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Estate Planning

Estate Planning
Regardless of your role in a real estate transaction, the team at BOS Legal will be on your side and make your process of buying or selling your home as easy and understandable as possible.  
In addition to helping home owners who are either purchasing or selling their homes, we also handle other areas of real estate transactions including: Zoning, ordinances, tax abatements, etc.
You may be confused about the process and about terms that exist in some documents that may have been give to you for signing. Contact the team of knowledgeable attorneys who would guide you through the process by:
  • Reviewing the Purchase and Sale Agreement with you and ensuring that the terms are in your best interest;
  • Reviewing the commitment letter as well as the letter from your lender to ensure that all of your questions are answered;
  • Reviewing the warranty deed from the Seller;
  • Conducting a title search on the property to ensure that you’ll be getting a clean and good title, free and clear of any potential encumbrance;
  • Working with you to resolve any potential or actual title problems;
  • Reviewing the closing documents with you pre-closing and answering your questions;
  • Requesting final reading for municipal water and electricity to avoid inflated estimates at closing;
  • Preparing all the necessary title insurance paperwork;
  • Making sure that the closing time and place is convenient for you and being present with you during the closing and explaining the role of each of the document you sign;
  • Recording your deed and other documents including preparing and recording homestead documents;
  • Ensuring that you receive your title insurance policies;
  • Making sure any disbursed funds are received; and
  • Answering any questions that you may have regarding any aspect of the transaction post-closing
If you are the seller, you also need a team of knowledgeable, efficient and affable legal professional on your side. The team at BOS Legal will make the process of selling your property as easy as possible by providing the following services for you:
  • Reviewing and negotiation favorable specific terms of the contracts including the sale price, 
  • Ensuring that the deed is prepared with other closing documents;
  • Ensuring that any defects in title is resolved
  • Arranging a mutually convenient time and place for closing;
  • Accompany you to closings and ensuring a clean and clear title is conveyed; and
  • Post-closing, providing updates of any facts that affect the property interest and legal advice should any difficulties arise.
There have been thousand of loans that were closed before the real estate bubble popped that had several federal, state law and common law violation ranging from Truth in Lending violations to appraisal fraud and developer-lender price collusion, to chapter 93A violations to a wrong party in interest suing you to foreclose on your mortgage. While it may be that now you can’t pay the mortgage, in many cases it may be a situation where the lenders and all the middle people involved in the transaction set you up to fail. All of these  potential issues can create viable defenses to foreclosures if handled properly.
If you answer yes to more than one of the following scenarios, it may be time to contactthe team of attorneys who could help you save you most prized asset, your home.
  • You are currently one or two months behind on your mortgage;
  • The value of your home is so much less than your mortgage;
  • Foreclosure has already started or you have received a Notice of an impending foreclosure;
  • You believe you may have been a victim of the predatory and unfair lending practices?;
  • You have received a service members complaint from the Massachusetts land court;
  • Did your mortgage company force you into default by adding inappropriate and unwarranted fees and outrageous force-placed insurance premiums?
The team of foreclosure defense specialist at our firm will do a detailed analysis of your loan and the take your foreclosure process apart piece by piece, looking for everything that is wrong with it, from the misrepresentations that were made to you by the mortgage brokers and loan officers before the loan was closed, to strange and illegal conduct at closing, to errors by the mortgage company after closing, and then to errors made in the foreclosure process itself.
If you are frustrated, depressed and frantic about the prospect of losing your home, you can contact us as we may be able to help you save your home.
We would do an in-depth analysis of your case and suggest alternatives to foreclosure. We will answer any questions you have, and when the appointment is over, we hope that you will have a clear understanding of what your options may be so you can make the decisions that make the most sense for you and your family.
Once you are armed with the real facts, our objective is to work with you to find a way to forestall the impending foreclosure if you are still interested in saving your home or arrange for alternative routes to save you from this situation. We will not just negotiate a short sale or try to arrange a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure for you, we can make you have a better leverage with your lender based on the potential cause of action that you may have after your individual case analysis.
Call us before you consider bankruptcy as an option as you may have viable alternatives to bankruptcy and foreclosure.  
We can assist you with loan modifications to lower your payments and make your mortgage more affordable. We can discuss the options of bankruptcy and its long term and short term effects.
Contact us for a case analysis of your situation as all hope is not lost after you get that dreaded Notice of foreclosure.
 Legal Disclaimer: Always consult with a real estate/foreclosure defense attorney to analyze your individual situation, and never under any circumstance construe the foregoing as legal advice or as creating an attorney client relationship between BOS Legal, LLC and yourself. Consult the team at BOS Legal for your individual free initial consultation.