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The Verdict Is In

The taste of the pudding, they say, is in its eating.  Below is a summary of our most recent verdicts:
8/3/2010; Ghanaian Immigrant finally gets his Green Card after years of being in removal proceedings. IJ grants approval of his fraud waiver application and Adjustment of Status Application.
7/22/10; The Board of Immigration Appeal overturns IJ's denial of Voluntary Departure for a Nigerian Immigrant. 
Twelve Separate charges including, Resisting Arrest, Negligent Operation of a Motor vehicle, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, etc, as well as Several other Criminal and Civil charges Resolved through Best possible Disposition
Attorneys at BOS Legal helped their 28 year old client who led police on a high speed chase which culminated in a car crash resolve his criminal matter by way of an admission which resulted in a dismissal on the charge of Resisting Arrest, Continue Without a Finding for 6 months on 4 of the criminal counts, and a Responsible filed on the civil counts. Attorneys at BOS Legal successfully communicated their Client's regret and remorse to the Court. The father of four little children couldn't be happier with the verdict!
One Count of Assault and Battery Dismissed
Attorney Okoye secures a Dismissal on one count of Assault and Battery against a Haitian immigrant whose conviction could have triggered removal from the United States back to Haiti. Case was resolved short of trial through extensive negotiation with the government.
Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol (Third Offense) and Leaving the Scene of Property Damage.
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye secured a NOT Guilty Verdict after a jury trial on the charge of Operating Under the Influence of alcohol, (third offense). The client, a hardworking single mother of a 19 year old son, was able to avoid a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 months in the house of correction and an 8-year loss of license. she received a one year probation on the charge of leaving the scene of property damage.
Assault and Battery on a Person Above 60 years with Disability
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye secured a NOT Guilty verdict after a jury trial on the felony charge of Assault and Battery on a person 60 years and above. The client who is a 53 year old immigrant who had been in the United States for 27 years with only a lawful permanent resident status (Green Card) therefore avoided being deported because of the NOT GUILTY verdict. A guilty verdict and any of the other deals being offered by the government would have led to his removal from the United States because of his legal status. The attorney at BOS Legal knew that the stakes couldn’t be higher and so worked really hard with the client in order to get this verdict.
Assault and Battery
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye, in a jury waived trial secured a NOT GUILTY verdict on an Assault and Battery charge against a young woman who was charged with Assaulting her mother. The team at BOS Legal knew and believed this client when she maintained that she was being wrongfully accused. She was in the middle of an ugly custody battle with her ex-husband and needed that verdict. A guilty verdict would have effectively eliminated her chance of sharing custody of her children with her husband.
Attempted Unarmed Robbery
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye after a two-day jury trial secured a NOT GUILTY verdict for a young marine whose hope of remaining in the U.S. military would have been forever eliminated should the verdict had been otherwise. The jury acquitted him on the charge and reiterated what the team at BOS Legal knew from the start – that this young man who had been serving his country honorably did not commit the crime he was accused of.
Drug Distribution charge Dismissed
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye convinced the government to dismiss a drug distribution charge against her client after pointing out the general weakness of the to the government. After a lot of negotiations with the government, the charge was dismissed on the day of trial and the client, a 60 year old man avoided a potential two and a half years in the house of correction.
Drug Possession Charge Dismissed on the First Court Date
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye was able to convince a judge against the strenuous  opposition of the government to dismiss a drug poses ion charge against her client on the first court appearance with the client. Her motion to dismiss for a lack of probable cause was allowed by the Judge.
Drug Possession Within School Zone Charge Dismissed
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye was able to convince a judge after a Motion argument to dismiss a school zone charge against her client who was facing a two year mandatory sentence to be served after the underlying charge. This dismissal was on the date of trial.
School Zone Charge Dismissed through a Motion to Suppress
Attorney Ogor Winnie Okoye was able to suppress evidence in a drug matter leading ultimately to a dismissal on all counts including the school zone count against a 19 year old young man whose hope of going to college and getting student loans would have been unattainable if a different outcome was reached. The young man not only had a second shot at making a better life for himself, but also described that day as a life-changing day for him.
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