Asylum Lawyers

What is Asylum?

Every year, numerous individuals immigrate to the United States in search of safety and protection from persecution based on their race, religion, beliefs, or political affiliations. For those seeking asylum, an asylee (asylum applicant), the stakes are high—they are pleading to stay in the country because returning home would mean facing danger or unjust imprisonment. If you are seeking asylum in the U.S., you will need a skilled attorney who can help you prove your need to remain in the country.

At BOS Legal, our team of Lynn asylum attorneys stands apart. We understand the gravity of your situation and the critical need for expert representation. Founded by a first-generation immigrant, our firm uniquely grasps the intricate nuances of immigration law. We are committed to ensuring that your case is meticulously prepared and persuasively presented to decision-makers.

When your safety is on the line, trust BOS Legal to be your unwavering advocate in navigating the complexities of asylum law.

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What Do I Need to do to Obtain Asylum?

You need to already be in the United States in order to apply for asylum,
and you must apply within one year of arriving. You will need a Form I-589,
Application for Asylum and for Withholding of United States, which you
can obtain online. There is no fee for applying, but the forms can be
complex, and any mistake you make could jeopardize your protected status,
which is why it strongly recommended that you fill it out with an experienced attorney.

In order to be eligible for asylum, you will need to prove:

  • That you are a member of a race, religion, nationality, political group,
    or other organization that is facing persecution in your country of residence.
  • You are outside of your native country and are unwilling to go home.
  • You cannot be safely relocated to another part of your native country.
  • The government of your home country cannot protect you from persecution,
    or are responsible for the persecution
  • You have been persecuted in the past or have strong reason to believe you
    would be persecuted, such as in the case where a family member was persecuted.

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