Non-Immigrant Visa

Proving The Temporary Nature Of Your Stay In The U.S.

Non-immigrant visas are granted to foreign nationals so they can legally remain in the U.S. for a temporary period of time. Even though recipients of non-immigrant visas may have no intention of attempting to permanently reside in the United States, U.S. immigration law tends to presume every visa applicant is a hopeful permanent immigrant. Because of this, applicants for non-immigrant visas have to overcome this assumption against them and prove they are truly coming to the U.S. for the temporary reason they are claiming. A Lynn non-immigrant visa attorney can help you correctly file the necessary paperwork, advise you on the best way to present yourself, and help you work towards securing your visa.

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Student Visas

Student visas are issued for the length of time it takes the visitor to complete his or her course of study, program, or work assignment. The foreign national must have a valid educational reason for studying in the U.S. and must be able to financially support him or herself without working. There are 3 types of non-immigrant student visas. Speak to one of our Lynn immigration lawyers today to learn which best meets your needs.

Extension Of Stay & Change Of Status

Certain types of visa holders can apply to extend their period of temporary stay in the United States, or even to change the status of their non-immigrant visa.

This can occur with:

  • Diplomats or other foreign government officials and their families and employees
  • Temporary visitors on business or pleasure
  • Academic students, exchange visitors, or vocational students and their immediate family members
  • Representatives from international organizations or foreign media and their families and employees

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The information included above simply covers the most common non-immigrant visa matters. However, it is highly advisable that you speak to a Lynn immigration attorney about the details of your specific case. Matters of immigration law are of the utmost importance as a misstep could cost you the ability to legally remain in the United States. Fortunately, we know the ins and outs of migration law so that you don’t have to.

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