Deportation Defense

You Can Fight Deportation & Removal Orders

Immigration removal proceedings, formerly called “deportation”, determine whether an immigrant should be removed from the United States. At BOS Legal, our Lynn deportation lawyers handle all removal proceedings for foreign nationals and their families. We can defend you in removal hearings, including those involving criminal charges, because we understand the intricate relationship between the two areas.

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Possible Immigration Removal Defense

Usually, in these kind of proceedings, an immigration judge must decide whether a foreign national qualifies for removal or is eligible for relief under special circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Voluntary Departure – A situation whereby the charged foreign national chooses to leave the country voluntarily to avoid a final order of removal which could potentially bar him from entering the United States for up to ten years.
  • Cancellation of Removal – Lawful Permanent Residents and Non-lawful permanent residents may be eligible for a cancellation of removal if they meet the specified requirements.
  • Asylum – You can seek asylum in the United States to escape political, religious, or cultural persecution if there is a real threat to your safety in your home country.
  • Adjustment of Status – We can help you lawfully change your status to a permanent resident, which may cancel the removal proceedings.

Bond Hearings & Criminal Deportation

Occasionally, individuals are taken into custody by U.S. immigration officials. It is sometimes referred to as “immigration holds” or ‘ICE detainer”. These individuals are placed in custody pending the resolution of their immigration matters.

The Lynn deportation defense attorneys at BOS Legal have substantial experience representing clients who are detained and facing deportation. We understand the complex issues involved with immigration custody and have successfully secured releases for numerous clients.

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